January 8, 2014

my first meetup

my first meetup

You know that moment. It feels like the first day of middle school all over again. When you walk into class a room and no know one and it’s mildly intimidating because you haven’t had any wine. Wait, where am I going with this?


I’m talking about my first blogger meetup. Central Florida Lady Bloggers is a fun little group I’ve found on Facebook. A chance to connect with fellow bloggers in Orlando? Heck yes. I have been meaning to join their monthly meetups for a while now but my schedule hasn’t been so flexible – until this month. And of course it’s something fabulous like a wine/cheese/chocolate event at a local winery. Sign me up.

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This month’s event was held at the lovely Quantum Leap Winery, right off Mills Ave. It impressed me before I even walked in the door as I noticed an expansive deck stretched along the one side. As it was too cold to be out there, I made my way inside where I had wine, cheese from La Femme du Fromage and some chocolate pairings from Peterbrooke waiting for me. What a treat. Instantly handed a glass of white to start, I sampled some artisan cheese while chatting it up with other local bloggers. More and more filtered in, and three more (tasting size) glasses later (complete with some chocolate covered bacon and an amazing truffle cheese) – I was a happy camper. I made a couple of cool new blogger friends and ended the night with a tour of the winery.

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By the end of the night, I had purchased a bottle of wine and had exchanged contact info with some local bloggers (Shout out to Colleen, Kelli and Marilyn!). Oh and I’d like to get a pound of that chocolate covered bacon delivered to my apartment immediately if not sooner. Overall – a great success. I can’t wait for the next event!


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