So, you have just moved into your first home.  Its such an exciting time, and you want to make everything perfect straightaway.  However, in practice, this rarely happens.  You need to give yourself some time to fully understand what it is you want to get out of your home – for example, there would be nothing worse than spending money fitting out a home office, only to realise you need that room as a nursery.

Its also quite expensive to decorate straightaway.  But, there are some things you should do as soon as you have got the money for it.  Make sure you have set up some savings goals and you know what you are going to do with the money when you reach your goal.

Flooring is key.  Your floor is the most hard working item in your home.  It needs to withstand all sorts – pets, children, wet wellies and much more.  Of course, you can set up a no shoes rule in your new home!  Get a tongue in cheek sign put up in the hallway and your guests will be happy to oblige.

When you are choosing your flooring, you need to think of what traffic its going to get.  A lovely soft carpet will be fine for an adult bedroom, but for a hallway or lounge, some good quality engineered wood flooring is your best bet.  This is hard wearing and will last for years, and also has the added bonus of looking high end.  You can also decorate around this type of flooring – it will go with most colours, so you can spend some time thinking of the colour scheme.

You should also make sure your rooms are set up how you want them Once you have the layout, you can start then thinking of the colour schemes you would prefer.  You can colour match pricey paints, and buy end of line wallpaper rolls for small rooms.  Start picking up accessories as you see them, as long as they are within budget.  This goes for decorating equipment too – remember, a few good quality paintbrushes are likely to be far better than having to buy new cheap ones each time!

Once you have fitted out one room, move on to the next.  It can be an expensive and long process, especially if you have to fully refurbish a whole house – but the satisfaction you will get when its finally finished is worth the wait.