When it comes to living healthier in mind and soul, despite everything outside your four walls sometimes feeling like too much, a lot can be done to help you avoid the blues by starting with changing aspects of your home.

Drab interiors, old installations and daily reminders of things that need to be changed have an overall heavy cloud on your daily outlook. By starting to make the home a more free-feeling environment, peace of mind can free you up to begin handling other avenues.

Eliminate Dark Shades

 Rooms that have dull, faded or darker colours or wallpaper need to be one of the biggest factors in the change.

Having dark and unimaginative design throughout the room plays heavily on your mind more than you would imagine. Everyone wants to wake up bright and invigorated and having brighter, more vibrant colours on our walls helps to capture that every morning. Even dull and faded carpets negatively play into our mental health, so replacing them with something that provides warmth and comfort is about much more than just how the room looks.

For this, we recommend something like the multiple designs and colours that the lowest price Amtico flooring offers.


 During the colder months, we tend to experience as much change in our mental wellbeing as we do temperature changes. Many people see what is known as the Winter blues taking effect which makes people feel more isolated and not want to socialise.

To combat this, there are elements you can install in the home to help – with the big one being underfloor heating. By setting your underfloor heating to a timer you can ensure when you get up in the morning you have extra comfort, especially with a natural layer such as luxury vinyl flooring. This ensures that warmth throughout each room is always there, and comfort underfoot is provided, giving you the perfect start to every morning.

Reducing Work

 Repetitive tasks can be a mental strain, so ensuring that things that would usually take up huge chunks of your day are not required as often is something huge for your wellbeing.

We all have to clean after ourselves, but having to brush, hoover, mop, scrub and polish your floors is a laborious exercise. To cut down on these areas, you could work on how to do it quicker by dedicating it to a single day – or install vinyl flooring that is much more durable and only requires the minimum of time in care.

Luxury vinyl flooring truly benefits by having thick wear layers and anti-damage safeguards that provide decades of care with minimal maintenance.

When looking after yourself is just as important as looking after your home, choose luxury wood effect vinyl flooring to provide many brighter days ahead and warmer days to wake to.