When you have just moved into your first home, or you are waiting for things like solicitors, life can be stressful. Its really important that you make sure that you take some time out for yourself. You are likely to be saving some money, but there are plenty of free ways for you to keep calm and relax.

You can use your new home as a way to relax, if you have already moved in. The bathroom is always going to be the quietest and calmest room in the house, even on moving week! Run a nice hot bath, close the door, and just chill out for an hour. Read a book, or watch a movie on a tablet. If you’ve been planning your lists of things to buy in plenty of time, you may have already bought a bath board for you to put your book, tablet and glass of wine on.

Another great way to chill out and totally relax your mind, is to play some online games. Find a fab games website like Plays.org, who offer free games with no downloads, and no sign ups. These are all great games, without any of the stresses of violent console games, or addictive gambling sites. There are a great mix of all games, for kids and adults. I love the retro games section. They even have familiar characters – this Tom and Jerry pinball game is super addictive!

Most of the games on the site are easy but still challenging enough to be able to focus your mind on. There is one game that I just could not do – a simple (or so I thought) tap to shoot game – but could I manage it? Guess what I’ll be doing all day until I beat it! This kind of tricky game is great for challenging your mind enough to forget about everything else.

I also played Battleships, which reminded me so much of when I was younger. Get your parents on the site too, they would absolutely love it.

Another great way to relax in your new home is to get in the kitchen. Do a bit of home baking – make some biscuits or cakes. You can take them for your lunches to work, so its a way of saving money too. Bread is another fantastic idea as the kneading will help relieve your stress.