If you have just moved into your first home, it might be that you need to work from it too.  Since the pandemic, more and more employers have switched to some sort of hybrid office/home working.  Working from home productively is key.

Make sure you have a separate space ready for you to work from.  It will not be productive to spend your whole working day on the sofa, or worse, in bed.  If you don’t have a specific office in your home to work from, what can you do?

You need some sort of desk space.  This can be your dining table, or a desk in your bedroom.  It would be best to have a quiet place that you can go to, if you have a houseful.  Make sure that your Wifi is strong enough to reach your chosen area.  If it does, set up your PC or laptop and make sure everyone in the home knows that its your space.  If it’s the dining table, obviously you will need to be able to move your stuff at the end of the day.

Get your things together – do you need pens and notepads?  If so, store them near to where you are planning to work from.  It won’t be professional if you are having to leave calls to find paper. 

The most important thing is to make sure you are treating your work exactly as you were when you were working in an office.  I personally feel you can be even more productive at home, as there are no distractions.  Meetings don’t go on for too long because there is less inconsequential chatter.

Its important that you don’t put the TV on, or start looking online.  You wouldn’t if you were in the office and the boss could see, after all.  If you really don’t like working in silence you could try playing music or a radio station quietly.