One of the best ways to cut down on spending, or save for the future, is to look at what you are eating.  If you are buying takeaways and fancy coffees, you are probably spending too much.  That’s all fine if you can afford it, but if you want to save for a holiday, look at meals on a budget to get yourself started.  Its often healthier, too.

Breakfasts – easy!  Porridge and some fruit.  If you have to eat breakfast on the go, and normally grab a croissant, this is where a bit of meal prep comes in.  Buy some decent plastic food boxes (Tesco do a great selection for £4.50 which includes all sizes) and then prep some porridge (in the microwave) whilst you’re getting ready.  You can eat it on the train or at the office.  Fruit can be pricy, but shop around.  Frozen berries are just as good as fresh and last longer, obviously.  If you go to a greengrocer or market, you will get more for your money.  Don’t buy more than you need though.

Lunches and dinners – this is a bit of time taken at the start of your working week, for a much easier and cheaper week ahead.  You need to be making some large one pot style dishes that will mean you can have one portion for dinner, and one for lunch.  Make a massive lasagne which will do for days!  You can have it with salad for lunch one day, and garlic bread for dinner another day.  Tuna pasta bake is also great for batch cooking.  All of these types of meals are great value as you can buy cheaper products.  Pasta is pasta – just get the value brand for 20p.

Treats – if you buy a £3 coffee every working day, that is £60 a month.  That is an expensive gym membership, or a night out, or three takeaways.  Decide which is your most desired luxury, and stop something you are already doing to pay for it.  If you do decide on a takeaway, make sure you search around for deals and discount codes.  Can you share to make things cheaper and pad out the meal with something you have at home?