Moving house and divorce are two of the most stressful thing you have to go through.  Hopefully, you won’t be affected by the latter- but you will most definitely move house several times in your adult life. There are many different factors that can make moving house stressful. For instance, there are logistical problems that need to be solved, such as arranging for movers and packing. There are also emotional issues that can arise during the moving process, such as anxiety about whether you’ve chosen the right neighbourhood or the right home.  Solicitors and estate agents don’t always help the process – a long chain can mean several delays and they aren’t always communicated in the best way.

Moving house is a stressful process, and we know that. So we wanted to provide some guidance on how to make moving day as smooth as possible!

To make your move as smooth as possible:

1) Get organised and clear out your clutter before you start packing.

2) Sort out all of your bills and organise your utilities for the new house before you move.

3) Give all of the information for your belongings to your removal company so they can pack them up securely.

4) Get enough boxes or packing material from the shop so that they will be able to wrap up anything fragile.

However, before you get to the actual move, there may be weeks or months of playing the waiting game.  This is when you need to properly look after yourself, and ensure you destress.

One of the ways to destress easily is by getting plenty of sleep. We all know that sleep is one of the best ways to regain energy over time. It helps regulate our hormones, keep us healthy, and improve our mood. Sleep deprivation can lead to a lot of health problems in the long run so it’s important for all people to get at least eight hours of sleep every night.

Another way is by taking a break from work every once in a while. Giving yourself permission to take a break can help you stay productive and happy for longer periods of time because you are able to recharge your batteries.  However, don’t get sucked in to social media as that can cause stress in itself – especially if you follow home accounts!

Why not try playing some online games? You want something with no downloads, no fighting, no fees! Its hard enough moving house without paying out for your gaming. Try Solitaire.Org, a great website where you don’t even have to sign up to play the free games. This is a slightly more grown up site, where you can play all sorts of different types of (obviously) solitaire. They give you all the instructions you will need, and you can progress in levels of difficulty as you become more competent. This spider game is tricky enough to completely absorb your mind, which is exactly what you need at the moment.

The third way to be happy is by doing things that you enjoy with people who make you feel good about yourself and give off positive energy. A great way to meet people who will make you feel good and give off this positive energy is through volunteering. Volunteering can be a great way for you to meet new friends, work on your social skills, and do something constructive with your time.  You can visit the elderly in care homes, work in charity shops, and much much more.

All of this is beneficial for our mental health and physical health.  Then,, once you have destressed, you are in a better place to be able to go back to the hard slog of moving house.