So, you’ve just decided to move out.  Maybe you have been planning it for years, or maybe it was a spur of the moment thing.  Either way, it will be great.  But there are a few things that nobody ever told you about being an adult.

Washing clothes is a drag.  You may have a fancy washing machine, that plays a tune when it is finished.  Your machine may even be able to be operated via Bluetooth!  But, you still have to sort the clothes (lights, darks, coloureds, those clothes that have to go in by themselves and waste ten tons of water); then take them out again after its finished.  Do you hang them on the washing line, and risk it all getting wet?  Or do you use a tumble dryer and then risk it all shrinking?  What about an airer – looks a mess but at least its inside!

Once its dry, you have to put it away and of course iron it if you are that way inclined.  I personally have not ironed anything in 15 years.  Hang it up wet, or don’t buy it.  Linen is for people with too much time on their hands.

Milk goes off.  But, you have to sniff it every time you make a cup of tea, to check.  Sniffing that milk is probably the thing I do most in the day.  Its always fine, by the way.  But I still check it.  Obsessively.

Oven cleaning is horrendous.  There are loads of really great products out there.  I know this.  But still, I cannot get my oven clean.  I have followed Mrs Hinch’s videos, I have done everything the directions say on the instructions.  The glass door is always shiny and spotless, but there are always bits of random rust on the oven floor.  It’s a year old!!  Basically, the lesson here is either always get takeaways, or get a professional oven cleaner in.

Bills never go away.  When you are thinking about moving out as a teenager or even child, you know there are such things as bills.  You know you’ll have to pay them.  But, its still a shocker at just how many there are, and how many you have to remember to pay!  I think the worst thing about utility bills is that there is nothing material to show for it.  I don’t mind paying £150 for some new straighteners, or even a fancy meal, but electricity?!  Boring!!  No lessons here, you just have to pay them.  Salary dependent is whether you can still afford the nice meal!

You always need advice.  Whether you are a 67 year old lady or a 18 year old just moving in to your first home, you always will need some support.  Don’t feel any less of a person if you have to ask your mum how to make a lasagne – she had to ask someone first too.  Of course you can use google for all these first home questions, but proper advice from a real person will give you the best tips.